Earth angel, will you be mine?

Love angel, I’m not alright

I know you said it

But I’m hanging in there

Hoping that time will come when everything will change

And maybe, just maybe, my dreams will come true


Earth angel, are you still there?

I know you have someone else and for him you care

But I’m here

Walking on cutting and hurting rocks, my feet bare

Rocks of a love that can’t be returned

I’m on a path whose destination isn’t confirmed


Love angel

Please understand; with all I have

My complete truth stands

I just want you to know that he has you in reality

And I have you in my dream

Don’t be perturbed, I’m not asking for anything

Just expressing myself


Thank you earth angel for hearing me out

And making me once again

Balance this poetic equations

Written by Brian Lesalon Kasaine

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