Written by Brian Lesalon

Missing you is my new uncle

Feels like there are chains around my ankle

Your absence torments me like a carbuncle

This room knows what I’ve been through

Pain ruling but I have to remain true

True to the dream of once again seeing you

So long is the distance but I hope it will be soon

I don’t know how to explain it to you

I try to speak but the pain within speaks louder

So I choose to just write as I suffer the whip-lash

I trust that something good will come from my frantic dash

As I clamber, rubbing shoulders against all calls to hush

I won’t hush the voice of my dream

Not even when all the lights on my street dim

Not even when my hopes, by your silence are trimmed

Say a word please

Give me a reason to be at ease

I hope through this words you will believe

That a letter from you will relieve

All signs point to the two words “no day”

But my inner eyes see the words “one day”

So say a word please,

It’s the code blue paddle to shock me back from a flat line


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