Written by Okumu Kenneth

Love. I don’t think there are as many books or articles written about anything, which beats the ones written about love. Heck, they don’t even come close. It makes me think that whoever coined the phrase ‘Love is something that cannot be explained’ probably didn’t know their stuff well enough.

But then again, love is the greatest commandment there is and that’ll ever be. I didn’t make that up. It’s somewhere in the scriptures. If you are a Christian and have never heard or come across it, then my advice is that you should look for someone to blame just like the ordinary human. Either your parents or pastor. Of course it can’t be you!

Now, now. This love thing. This monster that gives us a thrill that we cannot explain. This colossus that has made us draw symbols and say words that we don’t even mean. And, wait for it…don’t make any bit of sense. ‘I can’t live without you.’ ‘Baby my head’s under water but I’m breathing fine.’ ‘I’d die for you.’ Let me stop at that because if I proceed, chances are you’ll laugh your heart out and forget that you were actually reading this!

When I began writing this, I thought that I’d share my personal story but then recalled that she said I shouldn’t write anything about her in any of my stories. If you ever find anything, I’ve cooked that up; 100%. The consequences if I ever do? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

This is something I’ve thought through and is purely an opinion. It is based also on what I’ve observed, so if I’m going to get any backlash or stick, kindly make it short! That, if you are a guy and broke-especially in campus- relationships aren’t a thing for you. There, I said it!

Look, I’m fed up with guys calling girls all manner of names because they went for the guy who had more cash. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not talking about sponsors. That’s a totally different story. I’m talking about someone who has enough cash to cash in on moments. Or at least, sacrifice the little they have to go to places and dates. Now, if you can’t afford that-not even the sacrifice bit-then you don’t deserve to have a girlfriend brother. Stay away! You thought that it’s not all about the money? In 2016? Wake up from that slumber!

In this day and age, you’ll find a campus guy calling strolling around school and staying together with their girlfriend for the whole day in a hostel, ‘moments.’ Okay, I know there’s thing called being different, but I’d be damned if I saw it that way. Someone might be tempted to say that I’m poking my nose, but hey, we are trying to raise standards!

One thing about having a girlfriend is that it comes with a bit of responsibility.  Some sought of pressure. And if you don’t feel or anticipate it as a guy, then you’re probably too young for it. ‘It’s not as complicated’ mantra is a fallacy because honesty, it is complicated. Very complicated.

A girl can love you to bits, which is fine. But if you don’t show effort when it comes to the money bit, then you can as well forget about her. The heart can always be redirected. However, that doesn’t mean you live beyond your means, or try gambling all your money to make someone who you don’t share the same blood with, happy.

So in a nutshell, if you are not ready to pay the price of love guys, it’s only best that you leave the heart to do what it does best; pumping blood!



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