Written by Abi Edith

When the sun rises, please don’t remind me about yesterday.

Don’t tell me the many times I have failed. Times when I knew it’d have been better to give up.

Don`t remind me of the many times I have had those tears coming down uncontrollably like a ten year old and begged for your shoulder to at least hide the embarrassment.

Don’t remind me of the physical and emotional pain I have gone through leaving me with no option but to seek for both medical and psychological attention.

Don`t remind me of my weaknesses which apparently everyone is taking great advantage of thinking am that rare species; too kind to have ever thrived in the 21st century.

Don’t remind me of the nightmares that have always been the reason I’m ever wide awake during the late hours, not forgetting the calls from the concerned neighbors.

Don’t remind me of my struggles, the way am really struggling to make ends meet but every time the reunion doesn’t seem to happen or should I say how strong we repel each other.

When the sun rises all of my yesterday means history. I want to forget all my nightmares and keep the good days for the future. So then, for today’s daylight gives me hope that gone are the bad days and that the future contains the un-lived better ones. Tell me that my struggles are never fruitless.

Give me reasons why today I should walk tall and wipe those tears. Make me project that smile to brighten this day and hide away all the sadness and sorrow.

Motivate me because it will make me feel someone is concerned and I belong somewhere; give me the strength that I can live the day with optimism and hopefully wake up to see another sunrise.

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