Written by Cleophas Opaty

Let’s say you are faced with a decision. It could be in your career, your love life, how to spend a financial bonus or even a decision on where to go for vacation. The point is, I want you to think about a decision you have had to make, or perhaps you are currently trying to make, in which you were presented with more than one option. Should you go with the choice that provides passion, comfort or logic? Think about it.

Passion. It evokes in us pleasure, warmth, excitement, adrenaline and fun. It feels good and it makes you want more. Your heart beats fast and you chase the high. Your heart and soul feel happy because you are engaging in an activity or situation that brings passion to the surface and it flows throughout every vein in your body. But does it last? Is it practical? Is it safe?

Comfort. This also feels good but in a very different way. This is safe and it can actually last as long as you allow it to. It feels easy and familiar and it allows you stay within your comfort zone. You can already anticipate what comes next and you are almost on cruise control as you don’t have to think much about what to do next. You can be at risk for living but going through the motions and not really growing

or pushing yourself to new opportunities and experiences. Are you happy or just comfortable? Is this fun? Does it make you feel fulfilled?

Logic. We need logic to survive. We need it to adapt and to be responsible adults. Logic can bring us comfort in that using our brains can get us to a spot where we are safe and thus, comfortable. Logic makes sense and it opens our eyes to the decisions and choices that fit the path to the goals that we are trying to achieve. But does it bring passion? Is there a fire that lights within your soul or is logic only in the brain and the planning? Can you have all three? Have you been fortunate enough to make a choice and live a life, have a relationship or a career that weave a beautiful mix of all three? If you have to choose just one, which one should it be? Which one brings short term satisfaction and which one is more long term? And furthermore, if life is short and time is out of our control, should we not choose the one that makes us happy and “live life like there’s no tomorrow?” Or is that irresponsible for us as adults?

Obviously, there are a multitude of other factors that weigh in on making any decision. But I wanted to touch briefly on this notion of choosing between passion, comfort or logic. It’s interesting to me and I see several people in my life and at this age faced with similar dilemmas even if it is in different areas of life. It helps that I am not alone and not the only one facing such decisions and I am grateful to have such a wonderful support system that allows me to explore these things out loud without judgment.





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