Written by Mystic Okumu

The ever annoying international break is over. And you know what that means? The premier league is back baby! Personally, I can’t possibly wait. I’m so waiting to be treated to our delicious fetish; good football. The weekend has some very juicy clashes. Not forgetting as well that on Monday, there’s a team that will never walk alone. With thousands of fans shouting and singing in the stands at Anfield, I expect to see war.

It is normal to have feelings. Every sane person does anyway. But it is not normal to have gut feelings. And I have a gut feeling about these matches;

Chelsea vs. Leicester

Chelsea has been very shaky this season. I fancy Conte hasn’t got his act together yet. They’ll struggle to get past a resolute Leicester. Leicester on the other hand, hasn’t had the same amount of luck they had last season. They absolutely got butchered by Liverpool. I don’t therefore expect, considering Chelsea needed an extra time dig to beat Leicester in the league cup, that any of the teams will walk away with the three points. There’s that chance that either of the teams can put on a masterclass but I just don’t see it happening. So it’s a draw for me. A share of spoils.

Arsenal vs. Swansea

If the past three seasons are anything to go by, this is a very tricky fixture. Arsenal is in hot red form at the moment though. Swansea has been blowing hot and cold. It will be close but I expect arsenal to take the three points.

Manchester City vs. Everton

This is tricky as well. If you’ve watched Everton play, you’ll notice that they employ a pressing game. If they play like they always do and press City, like I’m convinced they will, then the game will be theirs for the taking. Of course City will come out guns blazing and they’ll not want to lose two games in a row so I foresee a draw. A share of spoils.

West Bromwich vs. Tottenham

Is there a better team in the premier league at the moment than Tottenham? I think not. They are absolutely tearing teams apart. But against a Toni Pulis lead team, they’ll struggle. The defense of West Brom will be rock solid. That said, West Brom is also a threat going forward. For me, each team will walk away with a point.

Liverpool vs. Manchester United

This is arguably the most anticipated game. The hate between these two teams is deep. So deep that the players rarely exchange their jerseys. You can imagine an angry Sadio Mane. An agitated Paul Pogba. Man, I can’t wait! United has not been convincing enough. I don’t think they are ready yet to handle Liverpool. For me, it’s a win for Liverpool.

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