Written by Joan Muchoki

Counting hours, counting days

A text,a call cannot make it better

It will only be bitter

Letting out my bitterness

The wounds are still fresh


Counting hours,counting days

We cannot just pretend

I already put it to an end

There is nothing to amend

Just wanna get you out of my head

So make it easy

You cannot come back fishily

You were stupid then,you are still now

On your knees you look just like a clown


Counting hours,counting days

I was soaked in tears

Full of fear

My heart torn apart,silent heartbeats and bare

So now you suddenly Care?


Counting hours,counting days

Thought you had a replacement

Ooh…I forgot to give you a complement

Soon you realised she couldn’t dance to my beat

She ain’t my league


Counting hours,counting days

Its a little late don’t you think?

Give me some space I have to chose between Vic and Melvic

Or the guy nextdoor,Derrick

You were a little busy counting the stars

See how you got toooo far

Remember,I already put it to an end

There is nothing to amend.


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