Written by Ascar Sudi

New lovers are gentle and nervous

I write about who we became

Rose colored glasses

Purple colored roses

And the end of life as I know it.


Let’s talk about this life that I know not

How you stole your way into it

Tossing me into a circus of emotions

Everything in orbit around feelings

In it I felt relieved yet burdened.


The end of your life as you knew it

With me came drama, above it love

Locked in an embrace that begun a new chapter

Flaws became perfect art pieces

And none ever looked at me like you did.


For words we were both dying to say

I wanted to end this. You needed me

The arguments, lies and bad humour

Yet that undeniable ache in my heart

Continued to throb for you.


The moon of the falling leaves passed

The rains came, I was still with you.

And tomorrow, a day that neither goes nor come

Is the kind of love we’ve always had, it endures

I’m glad that my life as I knew it, changed.



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