By Elsie Ndonga

They poke and prod. Puzzled, they bombard me with endless questions. They bark furiously but because they are my friends, they take a deep breath and repeat their question.

‘Why do you still have a sponsor?’’

My answer? ‘Why not?’

We all had sponsors through campus. It was the norm. But now we were done with campus. My friends had gotten jobs and could now fend for themselves. They did not see the need for the sponsor. I however saw no harm in keeping him. After all his benefits were never ending…

He gets you a house you can’t afford on your merger salary.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a simple girl. I do not mind a small house. But when someone offers to assist you acquire a two bedroomed apartment, how can how turn that down? Let the simple girl be happy in her not so simple home!

Back to back events…

Clubbing, day events, concerts. Now those are not cheap escapades. Sponsors understand the need for the social experience. He wants you to have learn and have fun. Now once you are there, you don’t expect to eat air. No, not all. Your sponsor also understands the need to eat and don’t forget the drinks. He will not allow you to choke on all that dry food. He is therefore willing to cater for all your event expenses…


Okay, this may cause you to butt heads a little with him. Your closet is bulging with clothes yet you have nothing to wear. He bought you a new handbag last week but you still have nothing to carry your makeup (which he will also buy) in. But if you play your cards right, you will eventually get what you want.

At this point, my friends were staring at me in disbelief. I on the other hand could not care less. How was it my fault my sponsor loved to spoil me? I was happy and isn’t that all that counts in life? All this talk reminded me that I was due to get more money from him this week. So I picked up my phone, excused myself and called him. It went straight to voicemail but I decided to leave a message…


‘’Hello Dad, thank you for the money you sent last week. Please do not forget to send this week’s portion. Thank you and say hi to Mummy for me.’’


What? Sponsor can mean a variety of things.

Ata mimi sipendi ujinga.

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