By Abi Edith

Everyone thinks you make mistakes when you’re young but truth be told we don’t make any fewer when we grow up. Everything we were afraid of when we were growing up, we’ve become. We’ve taken on our nightmares, like the devil and the end of the world, but then growing old is mandatory. It is something we can’t escape, can we? If the world would have its way, it would be to keep us young since we outgrow it so much faster than it outgrows us.

We are ageing breeds trying to adapt to every new challenges, changes, fates, mysteries, experiences… the list is endless, as we also adopt all that existed long before we were dispatched to this world. They say these two processes are very essential that they are the key to self-identity. The Darwinists give the chronological explanation; they site a big bang in the cosmos zillions of years back, the mysterious formation of primitive cells into more primitive life forms, emergency of hairy apes and our final evolution to polished humans. Then comes the religion with a more exciting  prospective that our ancestors are sons and daughters of Eve and how life was such a smoothie till the devil decided to play his tricks on humankind. Without a doubt, religion has it all. I mean, I would love to imagine my ancestors being descendants of Eve and Adam, smiling with clean armpits and fresh breath.

We are millennia’s; by chance associated with wisdom because from the different life linear equations, we are able to solve for the missing factor x and now we are asking y because we too lazy  to ask WHY. Poverty is not a new terminology to most of us. Maybe it is to those lucky to be above the poverty line but then again, we all have a history clueless to the world till we preach it. Most of us are degree holders yet stuck to odd jobs but few of us are exploring the horizons where they say the view is much better.

NO!! We are not a confused, messed up or cursed generation at all. We have played all sorts of cards for the entire life, some decided poker, others soccer then a few jokers turned junkies. We want to risk everything and anything, save our souls from the cunning world.

Out of courtesy call us young adults and please don’t sign up the blame game with us, we never ever ignited the flames. The fires dates back to the era of our ancestors, we just landed here recently very peaceful and innocent only to be toasted. Firefighting isn’t our daily bread so we prefer peace but end up folding our sleeves. No need for professional tattoos we got physical ones.

We acknowledge the fact that we all different, diverse, complicated and sophisticated and so are our values, dreams and talents. We are here to stay. The future is right at the back of our minds .Now and then we tend to think about it. We still progressing step by step, our minds are full of sketches, the imaginations are quite vivid in our minds. Action is all we are campaigning about. Much respect and appreciation to our elders and guardians. It’s out of their experiences that it has been possible to streamline our lives the (do’s and don’ts)

We love our planet earth, you don’t have to doubt us. We are good enough to man it. We are here to stay and we don’t want to ruin everything. We want to leave this place much better than we found it. We want to enjoy while life last long but then  demon lingering all over tend to make us run out of patience. He whispers and hell breaks loose so it turns out to be every man for himself, the few fastest get their share and they comfortably lie on their beds satisfaction to their brim.

The world should get us even  but am cognizant of the abnormal curve explained by the economists .If only the world could give us our share to avoid the act of staring, temptations and chaos  then I bet never ever could we try to even things by ourselves.

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