Written by Margaret Makena.

Everyone comes with baggage;all you gotta do is find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack. He was that someone for her.
Knocked up and forlorn,no family or friends or even he that used to be the love of her life. Thrown out because it is a shame for a respectable family to deal with illegitimacy. Friends can’t stand by her because they got more important issues to deal with than her broken heart and her bulging stomach. It couldn’t get darker than this for her.
Dawn approaches after darkness,he was her dawn. Compassionate and kind,with warm hands he takes her in. He sees beyond her darkness and makes a deliberate choice to be her knight in shining armor. With gratitude she trusts his intention with hopes that they are pure coz once bitten twice shy.
Situations just like the weather keep on changing and hers is no exception. Out of circumstances she gets married. This may not have been her original plan considering her unfulfilled dreams of travelling around the world but she knows better that when you make a choice you accept the consequences that come with it. Now she is a bona fide mama and wife and there is no turning back.
He loves her and her offspring and makes a promise to raise the offspring as though it were his. He keeps to his word not wavering or regretting even when parenting hits the rocks.
He sees the baby through his first mama and papa utterances, his first steps, his first birthday, his first day at school,his teenage,all the way into his adulthood.
He is not perfect but gives his unconditional love and care. Even when his own see the face of the earth there is no preferential treatment because all of them are his own flesh and blood according to him. His heritage to his children wasn’t words or possession but an unspoken treasure of his example as a man and a father. Always leading by example and being there as the father who stood in the gap. Happy father’s day to all the step fathers.


  1. A Biological Masterpiece, But Subject to Many Ills
    The human foot is a biological masterpiece. Its strong, flexible, and functional design enables it to do its job well and without complaint—if you take care of it and don’t take it for granted.
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