Written by Jeremy Kabiru.

For the hearts we never broke
For the lives we never took
For the enemies we never chose
For the mistakes we never overlooked
For the lie we have never told
For the fights we never started
For the kiss we never gave
For the drinks we never sipped
For the opposite sex that we never saw
For the texts we never wrote
For the places we never went
For the tears we never shed
For the apologies we never gave
For the paths we have to choose
For the music we never sang
For the dreams we left abandoned
For the regrets we don’t have
For the good times we don’t remember
For the games we never won
For the sacrifices we never made
Was any in vain?
Life is moments, life is decisions, life is meditation.
For the chances we get there is little to no luxury of regretting.
Was any in vain?
When it comes time, we shall say, we lived.

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