By Abi Edith

Pin drop silence broken by hasty footsteps

And the pained grafting of the wooden gate


The young girl

Born to tame the waves

Loath smile with her teeth

Cut shame out of dignity, knock sense out of reasons

And yes! Spin plenty hopes out of the rotten yarn

Shows up.


She walks in faster as if running away from void

And looking for solace

She smiles and says

“Sorry am late again.”


Flying through the heavens

Brushing tops of tree

Exploring the horizons

That’s where she goes when chased by enemies

But she needs peace, this is the place to be.


The harshly cold night did nothing

To deter the determination in her soul

As she stood there all alone

She reached for her backpack

Pulled out a white silk cloth and spread it on the grass

Few inches from the stone

As always.


She removed her white candle, placed it on the stone

When it refused to burn she chuckled

“Well there is no more light in my life anyway.”

The skies were tainted grey

Not a very good sign, the heavens could open up any moment

She pulled out a single crimson red rose, slowly laid it

On the flawless white cloth.


“I know you mad at me at the moment.” She laughed and said,

“My friend, I have been looking forward for this all week.”


She spent the next few hours

Speaking to the stone, very enthusiastic, laughing and

Talking as if under a spell

It’s been a while since she poured her heart out.



But after a while her voice began to quiver

Silence spread as her eyes started to swell

She waited for the silence to sink in her soul as her eyes started

To blink out the welled up tears

She stared at the tombstone in front

Wishing that a miracle could happen.


She recalled their life back then, when it was a special castle

Full of dreams and forbidden fruit, full of life and laughter

When the seas used to play calm

When she had her to listen, mock, challenge and offer a shoulder to lean on

Till when the evil took root.


She now lays buried, in the dust

The dirt of graveyard and nothing could drain out

The history inked and stamped in her soul

Nothing could save her from sorrow or take away the unbearable grief


Rain drop!

The heavens had gave in, it could rain any moment

She stealthy got up and quietly kissed her grave

“I will be back for you too soon.”


Her footsteps faded into a distance

As the old wooden gate creaked to a still

And it was all quiet

The grave receded into peace, Surrounded by pin drop silence

And her soul into a not so eternal bliss.


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