By Joe Kimani

Am addicted to this feeling

Of wanting to see you more n more

I don’t know how to express it well

But I hope you see it through my eyes

The wise men followed the star

The way I follow my heart

I want you to be mine

And be part of me

I bet this with my heart

I will never let you down

Am addicted to you!


Before you came to my world

I felt so empty and lonely

I searched for my intended one

But I couldn’t find you

I needed to be loved n to love someone

I needed true love, but I got one nightstand

I needed a princess, but I got a” bitch”

I needed an angel, but I got a mistress

I needed romance, but I got trail of troubles

Finally, God heard my cry

And He gave me you

My heart marvels with spasms of joy

Whenever I steal a glance from you

Am addicted to you!


My love for you is unconditional

Without any conditions

But with many ambitions

You’ve decorated my heart with pretty roses

Weeded it with lots of romance

And sealed our love  with endless kisses

Am addicted to you!


Your physical and inner beauty

Rolls me away but I get to my senses

When you say”I love you.”Damn!

Am always tongue tied

As my steam rises

A sharp feeling makes me feel wanting

I admire you love

Am addicted to you!


“My love,”Your precious

Your gracious

A woman of dignity and substance

A jewel so expensive

You adorn my heart every single day

My “Mikai” I just can’t let go of you

Coz you belong to me and me; Alone!

I don’t know what am saying

But what am saying is YOUR THE ONE!

Am addicted to you!








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