By Mariah Karimi

Living in pain

Crying in pain,

Sleeping in pain

B’coz it’s always a bleeding heart

That always starts as a sharp pain

That pierces through my skin

And leave my body cold and frozen.


I came to her as a broken verse

She came to me like a wildflower

Offered me the high rise of her body

Curated our love into poems

And engraved it on my skin.


All she left,

It hurts more than any form of pain

Pain out of this world.

More painful than burns or bruises

I can feel it; I can explain it and draw it in my mind.

But you won’t understand.


I was so innocent of cupid’s

I let it pierce through my heart

Now all is left is a bleeding heart.


Do I stitch it?

Do I sterilize it?

Do I bandage it?

Do I just rip it off?


See there’s no cure








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