Written by Bryan Karanja

Oh! England,
How majestic you are,
In my mind you’re a sight to behold,
I want to drown in the knowledge,
Knowledge of your rich history,
I want to understand how the monarchy works,
I want to understand the difference,
Between Duke, Earl, Baron and Lord,
I want to see London,
The most expensive city in the world,
With an overflowing number of super cars,
How I want to see London.
Trudge my feet to Buckingham palace,
I want to see old Buckingham,
Does it still maintain the old structures,
Or was it refurbished,
I want to see,
How the royal guards stand steadfast in their position,
Unshaken and unwavering,
I want to see the queen,
Pull her curtain and peer down from her window.
I want to walk,
On the flocculent grass of the Emirates,
Slide my knees to the corner in celebration,
Just like Theo does.
I want to watch the professor Wenger,
Down his water,
As Olivier misses another opportunity to strike,
I want to see planes fly with banners of ‘WENGER OUT’
Oh! How I want to see that day.
Then I want to go to Twickenham,
The vibrant stadium,
Full of heart and uproar,
Full of cheers and jeers,
As mighty men play rugby,
I want to watch Owen Farrel,
Kick the ball past the rugby posts,
I want to witness,
The greatest rivalry of all time,
Between England and Wales,
Because only then, will I understand the true meaning of heartbreak.

I have seen these moments in my dreams,
I have envisioned with wondrous awe,
The flow of the river Thames,
I have marveled,
At the prowess with which Winston Churchill,
Drove the country through turbulent times,
I have come to understand,
The difference between the white and red rose,
The house of Tudor and Lancaster,
The house of Lords and house of commons,
The peerage of England is no longer a high science.
I have,
In the grasp of my hands,
Mastered the English language,
The universal language.
Oh! England,
How I want to see,
You are, but just a pie in the sky.


  1. Wow! Many a scholar stand accused at the alter of plagiarism. Barrack Muluka, mid this week fell short of indicting Dr Belio. If this is original, then you could be a budding Wole Soyinka. Vouch that it is. Dad.

  2. Goodstuff, while you’re there give a shout out to Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarckson .

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