I hope this finds your heart warmed up by the love wafting all over the place. This is a sincere writing beside a lit candle, a little passed the stroke of midnight to profess my love. Now listen, this may sound way unrealistic but I hope to present a poem I wrote in this letter.

Okay here I go,

Where to start, oh, am shitless overwhelmed

But here I go anyway. I hope you shed a cute tear love,

I know you would have liked it better if it were lyrics to a song, I admire your passionate love for a good voice, but I don’t sing very well or play well with harmony, music synchrony and instruments. But you know I like to write, with an inspiration, I could write till my hand fall off. So I hope you notice that you inspire this writing. You are my muse.

So here goes my poem, crap I don’t know, it’s just a bunch of emotional words.

I thought you should know that this is for the one whose eyes hold me captive, the one who’s become highly sought after by both my soul and spirit at just a tender age.

I thought you should know that I have lived 20years, and I may live 20 or a couple more, but I no longer fear love because I have been reborn and my eyes have been opened to the sacredness of your love and to the promise of what is yet to be.

I thought you should know that I am an elite soldier in your army and my only choice is to protect you from the world and to love you in fair and foul.

I thought you should know, that I could live beyond my time, a new moon in a thousand new moons, and I could swear that nothing surpasses your kind heart, perhaps something close, but none after you.

I thought you should know that, in fact this one I thought the world should know that the beautiful ones are already born, and they should look no further because I couldn’t be more proud to show you off, and it’s probably the world’s loss that your birth is not under festive circumstances.

I thought that you should know that somewhere last semester you almost or pretty much messed up, but we hope to regroup, and I also bring it to your knowledge that though it pains me to admit, for the first time in my life I am making baby steps at forgiving a person.

And for my personal favorite,

I thought you should know; you are part of my grander plan.



Yours, star crossed






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