She had passed me for the third time now. I was seated, staring into the enclosed lawn. I’m not sure what she was looking for, but from the look of things, she had not found it. Her face said it all. It had been inscribed with sadness. I was in the Wi-Fi zone and the speed was too slow making me pay attention to her. She was beautiful and I suspect that kind of gave me the courage to approach her. I kept the distance short enough so that she could notice me if I’d decided to do something like, you know…sneeze.

As soon as she had neared D2 she stood, slightly inebriated. I could tell she was tipsy. Bothered that something was wrong, I asked her name, for a start. She looked into my eyes in a patronizing manner and told me off, “Wewe fresha unadhani mimi ni fresha mwenzako”. Now if there is something I was blessed with, it’s persistence and patience. We all know it drives the answer out of a lady. So I insisted on my point. I asked her name for the second time. She kept quiet, maybe consulting her ultra-ego to answer me or not. She didn’t look like she was paying attention to what I was asking and so I was forced to ask a third question, “Hey miss, I thought I asked you your name?” You know, it’s either you go hard or home nowadays. This question somehow drew her back to her senses and she remembered standing in front of me. I couldn’t really tell how many years she had spent in the college, but I have to admit I never gave a critical look and heed to that. The lady was very well defined in appearance; a nice face, nice curves and let’s say an explosive walking style. Just to put it shortly… she was painfully hot. What else can make a man go hard?

She looked straight into my eyes, smiled and unexpectedly, told me to escort her to her room. Ha-ha, whatever alcohol does to people. I bit my lower lip and said to myself that probably it was one of my lucky days. Well, that must have been a very compelling gesture. Alcohol or not, the savage instinct in me made me envision a happy ending to all that.

I held my left arm and interlocked it in her right arm. Folks, I was that confident. As we were headed to her room in D6, she asked me my name. That excited me, for…no good reason. Well, for obvious reasons! It was on a Friday, so almost everybody had deserted the school, and it was the perfect time to get to know somebody. It was even more perfect if that somebody was…you know, painfully hot! D6 was the only place that looked lively. Perhaps because guys moved from door to door looking for soul mates. Who even does that?DSC_0250

When we got to the room, she took out her key and opened the door. So bare and lifeless was the room, that I felt I should inject some life into it. We sat on the bed facing each other. She got sneaky. These older girls are tricky, very tricky. I drew closer and held her hands. Cautiously, I drew even closer. “Go for it bud. Go for it,” I heard a voice at the back of my head. Panicky, I held her in my arms and started envisioning my own things, like any sane man.

Just before I could proceed, I heard her stomach rumble. It rumbled. Again. She pulled herself off me and asked me to excuse her. A minute after she had left and I was there staring at the nothingness of something, I heard a knock on the door. As I opened it, I knew that my slim chances were over. It was her roommates. I stood and got out of the room somewhat disappointed. I knew deep inside that you don’t get luck twice.

My friends often remind me about this story and we always have a good laugh. I mean, how unlucky can one get? I would have understood if it were once. But twice?

Written by John Jeff.

Edited by Okumu Kenneth.

Photography by IncSix photography.



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