By Lawrence Mukoko 



Lock your knees

don’t let them buckle

You’re built to crumble

but you’re supposed to hold


Visit your heart every day

Sit by the fire

of your childhood values

and warm your humanity


Your shoulders hold up

the biggest pillars

of your father’s pride


You are wrapped

in your mother’s silken love

so that you may know

how to properly love

future mothers


Kiss your girl

on her forehead

worship her beautiful mind

even though you love it

that her posterior

has a life force of its own


Wake up early enough

to melt your cold painful nights

in the warm glow

of beautiful sunrises


Charm your fears

into hobbies

and keep your demons

in a chokehold


Baptize your spirit

in the undying fire

of responsibility

and smelt yourself

into a gold bar


That is your destiny,


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