Written by Joan Muchoki

Many are the times we open our hearts to new possibilities and new people and these brings a great impact in our lives too.

I joined cooperative university 1 year ago. As a fresh student, you obviously make friends and meet new people everyday, some of whom you have to get rid off anyway. I’m not much of a social person but I always find myself surrounded by people. I’m lovable I guess.

Let’s get to the point here; as much as people make friends, 80% are not self-driven. Many people in coopa do what their friends do, go where they go and make choices according to their friends’ opinions. I happened to notice that every guy has his clique and you can notice their similarities and habits. Apparently these guys date specific chiqs or should I say aim at specific chiqs. Sometimes they bet on whom to stalk and who actually gets the girl first. Even worse, who sleeps with her first-and obviously I don’t mean going to slumber- Really guys? Really?

Partying is usually the in thing. Many people want to explore more about just “how it feels” and of course as usual, you cannot explore on your own. This period in time people actually don’t use their skill of assertiveness. You want to do what the rest are doing. 75% of fresh students in actual fact have never had a taste of alcohol, weed or shisha, but it’s all about “just a little bit”, sounds cliché but it’s true. Before you realize it you are all high. The next day you are on pills trying to calm your nerves to normality due to hangovers and you swear “it’s never going to happen again”. The next moment I find you on K Street staggering with no form of direction and now the “never” turns to “ever”, sooner or later it moves to stage 4 influence and you are up in the rooftops puffing weed.

Coopa has quite a dedicated staff, many of whom will toil to finish their syllabuses by the end of the semester in whichever way. Apparently, 50% of students do not attend half their lectures simply because their friends say the lecture is boring, or the unit is easy or the “let’s just go I will photocopy the notes later fever”. I actually noticed in my class there are people I never see until the exam timetable is drafted or on the first day of the paper and I’m like, “Where have you been?” Many are the cases you go to class and by the end of the lecture someone did not write anything simply because your neighbour murmured that the lecturer is boring or he has his earphones on and there is this mentality of “kumbe siko pekee yangu” and you join the club and you shift your attention from your books to your WhatsApp chats…just like that in a snap.

Girls girls girls…fine you are in campus and you have all the freedom. I just don’t get some of the things you do or what point are you trying to make. Your girlfriends are like “try it on” and you go ahead walking in a booty-short ,overdoing your make up, pulling down your short dress in class since you’re so uncomfortable. Most coopa girls try to fit into some kinds of lifestyles but what we forget is that we are not all brought up in the same way. Most girls dress either to impress or to please their friends or to simply fit into their friends’ lifestyles. In my opinion this should not be the case. Fine, be classy and elegant but don’t just throw your decency in the rubbish bin. Be yourself. PERIOD!!!

I’m not trying to criticize anyone in particular. This is simply based on my observations and judgments and none of us is actually perfect. The point I’m driving at is if only people could make decisions on what they know and be assertive. Know actually when to say NO or YES. These are just some of the influences in coopa; there are many others. The moment you follow the crowd within no time you will be someone else when actually you are supposed to mold yourself to a particular individual who at the end of the day you will be proud of. Influence is not an easy thing to resist but it is only based on our mindset and our assertiveness.






  1. Be as you are and let people accept you that awy not as you seem ,Life is too short for you to fake it ,but if you insist on it you will die living other peoples lives ,I salute you princess @Joan .Smt I feel specialisation is unfair to people with minds like yours

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