Written by Lydia Chemtai



Most of us girls are aware of the stereotypes you pick.

It no longer leaves us dismayed that you all seem to think most girls are gold diggers and it certainly doesn’t take a double lesson to accept that a lot of you think girls are a bunch of babies that don’t know what they want,

With bad attitudes, constantly changing moods that are inexplicable and

Nasty mouths that can’t wait to go all berserk on mistakes you deem petty.

It’s almost as usual as a norm to hear a guy tell another “hey dude if your girl isn’t a psycho she isn’t in love”

It is not in my place to say you all are wrong, and I know it isn’t justice to judge

Since I have no clue what you have to live with every day

But I will take this opportunity to break this down and lay it on you

If you happen to stumble upon that woman that is willing to understand the craziness of the life you want to live and put up with you with respect and loyalty, you will be a wise man to pay her back with an equal measure of love and respect because

                     SHE IS IT

She is the finest of God’s creation. She is the best of both worlds.

She can be that independent, focused and ambitious queen. She is a boss and she can handle her own.

But at the same time, she knows where to draw the line and be a woman. She has a soft submissive side, a heart purer than the finest of gold. She is affectionate and passionate and extremely sexual.

She is perfect even in her imperfections and understands the meaning of unconditional love.

She is selfless and could give you an entire galaxy when all you expected was a single star.

And whoever heaven decides to send her will be the luckiest man alive. All you’ve got to do is realize this and love her as a woman should be while you still have her.

This I’ve shared with you for free, you can thank me later.

Yours sincerely,

That girl next door.


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