By Joan Muchoki

Perhaps why it is not easy to pen words

Saying all the wrong things since nothing seems right

Or since right doesn’t really exist

I open my eyes and can’t see the world a better place

Cold and shattered dreams

Withered bouquets

Rusted diamond rings

Cold beds

Numb palms

Finding words to bring out reality

However much reality torns flesh apart

You loved her smile,her eyes caught your attention

Couldn’t wait to take her for coffee

From Java,next day at a table for two over for lunch

You had your first kiss

Enough was not part of your diary

So dinner followed and off to your bed side

Not just to curdle but quite a satisfactory night

Which was a dawn of quite the events I must say

No longer did u like her smile

Nor did her eyes give any meaning

Am still trying to find a way to pen these words

True definition of a bloodymonstered heart

What’s Love true meaning?

Simply what is Love?

Her eyes glittered out of it

But he couldn’t see,he could feel

Quite unfortunate

Actually quite an applause

Like I said the world is not any more a better place

Quite a lot of you can mirror yourself through my little narrative

Love has been tarnished

Minds have vanished

And if it exists,just if

Where can it be found?

Its no longer about the heart

No longer about character but fame

Its no longer about you but what your friends think of you

Life is never a sequel

It gives us one shot

I wish love was similar

All we do now is tell story after story

And the narrative never ends

And worse is that the next is more painful that the previous

Still trying to pen these words

Its not a game of cards

To see who is best at it

Keep in mind its a game of hearts

The more you break

The more your path quakes

There is always one for you

Be the best for her not a number of them

One day you will regret

When you can’t deal with the echoes

From every corner

I penned my words

Help me believe it still exists….


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