Written by Joan Muchoki

Yes I get it

Am beyond difficult

But pure and unique in the midst of the lot

I have fought my battles

I have shuttled back and forth

I have seen it all

I know what is wrong

I don’t take that s**t

Because I have had tears in my sheets before

I have watched a slap on her face

I have watched daddy drop her on the floor

I have watched her get ripped and raped

I have watched him struggle, but the answer you give is to try one more time

I have watched and am tired of watching

In world that is constantly changing us

From beings to unknown creatures

From dreamers to crushers

From legends to beggers

So don’t come to me with flatters

And by your side is a flirt vodka

The legend ain’t gonna make you one

The Guinness ain’t gonna write you in the Guinness book of record

You’re going to be high

In a few hours, you will realize that your altitude was mistaken

That’s when you turn from sir to crap

From respect to trash

In the name of pals and cliques

In the name of keeping him as Bae

Is life a show off?

Nobody has paid tickets to watch it

It’s your drawing board

It’s your train to board

You gonna decide whether it’s hot or cold

Amazing or bored

So I ain’t gonna listen to you

I know what I have lost

I know what I want

I know what I stand for

Am going to be me

So drop that s**t and be you

Coz if you don’t

it’s going to be not too long

Before I write another story………

To be continued


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