By Bryan Karanja

Because of you, with words of sentiment,
I ache as I jot them.

I have forgotten your smile,
I have,
Consigned to oblivion your gentle laughter.

How I adored you,
How perfect you fit into my embrace.

I do not remember the feel of your hands,
Your little hands,
The flash on your face,
When I whispered hello,
And the pit in my stomach,
Only you,
Could leave me this hollow.

You were so scared of stepping into my realm,
Was it,
My ferocious relish,
That shyed you away?
Or was it,
My candid stare,
Straight into your soul?

We never could,
Our love freely give.

I have forgotten your eyes,
In them I got lost.
I have let slip from memory, your ass,
As you sauntered past,
That fine Ass!!

Because of you, I love the evening breeze,
The flow of soul,
And blues,
Maybe, just maybe,
It helps feel the void in my heart.

Like a flower to its perfume,
I am bound,
To my vague memory of you.
Because of you, I again hunt for,
Writings on the wall,
That tell of impending love:
Stars, shooting stars.


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