By: Kahihia Njoki

Good good Father

So I heard that this story is true,

Good news! I no longer have to feel so blue,

Please do not judge me for I had no clue,

This revelation is only given to ‘the chosen few.’

He says he loves me yesterday, today and forever,

To be honest, my heart belongs to no other,

He is too worthy to be let go for another,

No offense boy, I call Him my lover.

He loved me even when I did not care,

He tells me this love is not a secret do share,

New opportunities are often very rare,

Try Him for once brother or sister you I dare!

Jesus embraced me when my demise was near,

You say you love me boy but first do hear,

“Take off that veil and let loose of that fear,

He gave up His life just for you my dear.”

When you get weak and stumble, He’ll catch you when you fall,

When you feel so alone all you need to do is make a call,

He will not delay with other duties, He will not stall,

I call Him my Saviour, my friend, in short He is my all!

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