Below is a heartbreak poetry anthology by some members of zogoa. Fifteen poems, all of which are a creation of instant thought. Some would call it freestyle poetry. Whichever name you may want to call it, I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy every single one of them like you enjoyed the articles written by this able writers the whole of this year. There’s no better way to end 2016 than this. Not forgetting that the support this year has been immense. For that, we are grateful. Some poems I dare say, look like they aren’t fictitious. They look like they are real. They look like they are coming from deep within. How about you become the judge…


What is sweet yet bitter?

Easy to find and hard to keep?

I tried my best but like in autumn the leaves always wither

Expected it to be like a romance movie ending with happily ever after

But the after had an end which arrived as soon as it began

(By Sultan Jeremy)


So forever lasted that short?

Was I the problem?

What should I do now that I lay all my hopes in her?

Unapologetic and so high spirited, she never felt love anymore.

Why is it so unfair?

Why does it pain a lot?


Am I the problem?

Please talk to me

Don’t let my spirits in love dissipate at this point.

(By John Jeff)


The world is far apart

Can’t we just start?

I was a mere novist

You were my first

Can we just break the heart all over again?

Please pick me up

I heftily wait for you


(By Lucita Poet)


It felt like gold though it was a mere stone

The dream that I lived only in seconds

Tick tock it was but still a moment to behold

It came pretty fast and disappeared like mist

Shall I continue to merry?

I guess I will stop there

(By Evelyn Achieng)


And a poem was written and I liked it

A song was sung and I liked it

I can barely hear its total darkness

The music is loud and I can feel it tremble my soul and body

I don’t see am blind

Then the fragrance come

It had instruction and I followed

I could now see it was beautiful

Just outstanding woman and I liked her and still do

I had no words but I had to speak

Chant just anything

Sorry it never got me anyway

I was the end of pure moments

(By Elvis Amimo)


You said rules were made to be bent

Never called it falling in love

Rather growing in it

Blinded me to steep fall ahead

I cradled the feeling like I’d do a baby

Not heeding the familiar sound

That nothing lasts forever

(By Ascar Sudi)


Like friction but without collision we were on fire

Little did we realize that maybe it was passing desire

I tried my best or didn’t I?

Come to think of it

The little, the long gazes, the long embraces, the deep caresses

Did we burn too fast that we burnt out?

I admit it, love is like fire

As useful as it is harmful

Can we go back?

Is there anything to hold on to?

Can broken pieces come back together?

I believe crayons still color

But can they color as they used to before?

(By Sultan Jeremy)



I felt terrible

I still do

All the tongue lashes and arguments still haunt me like nightmares

I live lavishly so to forget

The buzz came to my rescue

I was wasting away

It was a fatal love

Or should I say hate grew inside us

(By Elvis Amimo)


So this was it? Eeeh

I have been so much in nostalgia

I do not know whatever I can do at this point

Seems like a piece of my chest has been pulled away from me

Off you go babygal

Holding my chest in your arms

So weak am I that I cannot resist following you

I am all in your debt

Please tell me this is a dream

I know I got too goofy

But wasn’t it meant for love?

Wasn’t it a good sign?

Come back

Come baby Come

(By John Jeff)



I blame you as much as I blame me

You walked away or was it me?

In the ocean of love there are raging storms

Does every ship have to sink as it sails along?

I still like you, I do

I know you can still smile

I do at times too

When we remember the good times

When you used to be my boo

Lonely heart, mine

It needs company, two.

(By Sultan Jeremy)



Here I am reminiscing those moments we had

Staring at the nothingness of something

Wishing that I could take back the time

I could re-wind the clock

But I guess you can’t cry over spilt milk

You were the only one I had

But look at us now

We are in separate worlds

It feels like you don’t care anymore

It feels like I’m the only one who’s in pain

Like I was in that relationship alone

I’m fighting and you aren’t

Why the freaking hell are you doing that to me?

Okay, I know why

To make me feel pain

So yeah, I’ve felt the pain and guess what

I’ve realized that it is good

Pain is good

Pain is good

(By Ken Okumu)


At first I thought it will fade off like dye on her hair

But here I am afraid of closing my own eyes

For she is in my dreams

And there she still says

I don’t love you anymore Arnold

That broke my heart more

For I still love

I still love

I still need you

(By Arnold Juma)


My heart is heavy

My hands and feet lazy

Muscles weary

My back bent like a bow

None of my bones are steady

Darkness comes when I’m worried already

I turn and toss on the beddings

The hell on earth that I’m caged in

But I smile in pain trying to embrace it

Fourteen years a friend to the medic

The closest of kins keep distance

It is a lie

Blood is not that thick

Even the laughter over drinks was never legit

Besides the nurse and her piercing needle

Care and compassion could heal disease

I still have some energy when I look at the small kid

(By Patrick Mukada)



Words can’t fully express the pain

We try to write it down but all in vain

You try to speak it out but to what gain

You opt to shout and people say you’re insane

You hide behind a smile and people deem you fake

What then

Should I let my heart break and have no say?

Should I hide it within closed ribs?

And let it fester and ache?

Rip out my heart lest it die

And I remain forever living a lie

(By Rachael Tunje)


Maybe nothing lasts forever

My love story is the shortest you will ever hear

The greatest mistake was to call you babe in the midst of my friends

Am a man and I can’t let go off like a boy

I fought for her

Friends I did

But then we didn’t rip ourselves into pieces

To keep others whole

I let go

(By Candy Wavinya)



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