Written by Phelesia Gloria

I was just from town heading to my room when I met my best friend Alice. She was in a company of a certain guy I had never seen before. Being the Alice that I have known from my high school days, it wasn’t a surprise that she was with a guy. She was always with a guy. She was that girl who could charm men in a way that many couldn’t understand.

Okay, Alice aside for a minute. Let me tell you about this guy that I hadn’t seen before. There was something about him that I noticed in the short time that my eyes had descended on him. He had an infectious smile; that kind that’s capable of changing one’s mood. His eyes were brown and seductive. I looked at him and could not get the thoughts of kissing him out of my mind. For a second, I drifted to my world of fantasy, imagining myself leaning on his chest. Look! Now you are thinking I’m a ‘fissilet’, whatever that means, but do not judge because if you’d seen him, you’d probably have come out worse.

‘Hey Gee, what’s good from town?’ My fantasies were interrupted by Alice who I knew very well was talking about food. ‘Hey you! Can’t you even introduce him?’ I felt like spanking her for that.

‘Why can’t you ask him to introduce himself? ‘She asked. Since I knew this would end up in an argument or a fight, I introduced myself. “Hey, I’m Gloria, but you can call me Tonight.’ Of course I didn’t say that. I told him that he could call me Gee if he wanted. And then he began speaking, his voice hoarse. The kind that you’d wish that he never stopped speaking. We exchanged a few words before we parted.

I couldn’t wait for Alice to be back so that I get the full 4-1-1. I had a lot to inquire about. That guy was something else!

Alice came back after a few minutes. My prayers apparently, had been answered. People, you should know your God well. As usual, she started telling me about the guy. I was relieved when she said that he was her step brother. The one she was always telling me about.

“You know what Gee, he has a birthday party this coming weekend.” That folks, is where it all started…

Alice knew I wasn’t so much into parties, so she probably figured that it would be hard to convince me to accompany her. What she didn’t know however, was that I was dying to attend. When she asked me if I could accompany her, I was reluctant. She wasn’t supposed to find out that I was interested in her step brother. But I eventually agreed. On Saturday, it was going down!

Saturday came and I had ‘chapad that look’. That inviting one. With that look, I was sure as hell that I was going to nail somebody. With a few points on my Uber account, I was good to go. I requested for one and off we left together with Alice.

The party was one of its own though I’m not sure if it deserves such praise because I have attended very few parties. The night went on smoothly but I noticed that he was a ladies’ man. It didn’t bother me much because I had grabbed most of the attention.

At around midnight, most of the people were drunk. Most started falling asleep while the few others started leaving. I had restricted myself to wine and some mild stuff so I wasn’t that drunk. The wine though had made me a bit tipsy.

The birthday boy asked me to accompany him to the balcony. The air outside was so refreshing. I can tell you it all started by him telling me how grateful he was that I came. He complimented me on my look and a few other pleasantries before it became wild. The few minutes we drifted in our own world is the reason I am writing this.

We got wild and did what we weren’t supposed to do. I’ve tried hard enough to blame it on the alcohol but I can’t because it wasn’t alcohol. That was me. Gloria. Yeah, Gee.

So now I’m here carrying his baby. Three months now and I haven’t told anyone but him. I am mad. Mad because I’m still trying to figure how I’m going to break the news to my parents. Alice as well doesn’t even know. What’s certain however, is that in six months’ time, I will be a mother.


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