Written by Joan Muchoki

20 six-teen

Let go of the grip

Am about to press delete

I doubt there will be weeping by your graveside

I will probably be dressed in yellow

With no sorrow

From dust to dust

Let go of the grip


We have a lot to discuss

Too bad we will have to do it later

If we happen to meet probably above the skies

So many questions in my mind

I should probably outline before I say goodbye

And they all start with “why”

Let go of the grip


Mama taught me to say thankyou

I have had the happy moments cant deny

But definetly not a fair share

Tears were more than laughters

Battles were more than bonds

I have my story to tell,him too

But they are different

Its everyone’s inner secret

Let go of the grip


Before you leave be a mediator

Between hope and dissapointment

The grudge has to end

No more quarrels

build a dwelling place for each

Let go of the grip


20 Seven-teen

Clock is ticking

The starter is ready to pull the trigger

But remember the mistakes of your grandpa

20 zero-seven

We need no repeat

Have a good Architectural plan

For we are about to build an empire


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