Written by Brian Kasaine

I’m here for one reason. That is, to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS. For me, every syllable stands for something. Stay with me…

The letter M stands for the MOMENTS we’ve shared so far. All the times you’ve twisted the door knob of my heart and walked in, made me feel like a king. Letter E is the representation of those countless electrifying EMBRACES you gave me. I held on to each like a lifeline, you wiped off my rough times, you turned my life into a mine where you mined love and joy to my delight. Aboard this train with you I don’t want to alight. Let it take us wherever it takes us, as long as with you by my side I arrive. I’m alive. I arise to salute the first R which stands for the REASONS you gave me to smile.

You sent my lips into that curve, which straightened the curves in my heart, straightened up the curls in my life that had been causing me hurts. Perhaps you are the medication I need, a sticker around you with the prescription “Take as long as you breathe”. The second R is the reflection of the RISKS we took. Remember? When problems stood and what did we do? We soldiered on and now look how far we’ve come. See the star, hear the angels hum. The fingers of life are straying over the keys of the piano, in search of a song for us. We made it! The Y stands for YOU. Yes it’s been you. When I was in the pit of filthiness, whose arm pulled me up to the peak of excellence? Your arms; it was you. It’s you. It’s true all through it’s been you. I’m on the orbit called love and I’m revolving around you.
Hey, it’s CHRISTMAS. C is for the CARE you chose to share wholeheartedly with me. You cared for me as much as you cared for yourself. H for your never-ending HONESTY. Honestly, you were tirelessly honest. R reminds me that i should appreciate you for being REAL. You inspired me, so I is for INSPIRING. Letter S blows me a kiss to remind me how SWEET you were to me. T? I watched the clock tick as you spent your TIME with me. You waved your magic wand and your love swept me off my feet! So, M is for the MAGIC. A for the ADULATION I have for you. Last but not least, the final S introduces what I want to SAY to you. I want to say MERRY CHRISTMAS DEAR ONE, from the bottom of my heart. I want to say LONG LIVE THE BOND WE SHARE!
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