Written by Abi Edith

He tells her he loves her, when he really doesn’t care

She repeats the words amidst her sobs “I love you more”

She knows how patient she has been with him to finally make this…


He knows she’s just a prey in his trap.

He gently crisscrosses his fingers because he’s ready to play this

Game unfamiliar to many.


They gladly kick off this relationship, or whatever it might be

As long as they think both are happy. Her eyes are lit with

Joy, a twinkle star is shining down upon her. He got the killer moves

For this game and all he is thinking is for the game to last long.


She wipes her tears of joy as he recoups from his deep thoughts. She

Feels like its heaven on earth, as if life has just begun. He knows what

He is up to, he is familiar of this game for quite a long time. He knows this

Is the beginning of a brand new game with a new prey but then throughout

The struggle they have promised each other there is no letting go.


She got pure love, she’s a free spirit. He got a wicked soul, no emotions,

Feelings, love, trust basically no “soul mate thing.” He took a bet he knows he

Must Play this game right for victory. He stares at her eyes he can see the



Innocence, the purity of this soul he can faintly hear her heart beat .He feels

Sorry for her, she is about to make a huge mistake but then the game

Is on and as far as they are concerned there is no letting go.


She leans on his shoulder and take a deep breath, she can finally rest

She feels like a princess, finally crowned.

He takes his hand round her waist and cuddles her, he just wish he

Understood what is pure love, patience, not giving up, trust, and kindness

Of this he lacked wickedness his drug so be it

No letting go while the game last long.



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