Written by Arnold Juma

The arms of justice chest-cross firmly

Standing still on the Altar of democracy

A plea of not guilty

Yet her heart was far from innocence

Last night sins clouded her mind

The events played again and again

Smoke in the air, drinks spill

Lap dance, glass shuttering on the floor

Everyone in the club saw them together

The jealous eyes fed enough of them

He disappeared in the washroom to take a lick

He didn’t come back

She found him lying in the corridor

His face dug up in his own vomit

She cried out but her shrill voice was faint

Lower than the loud music in the club

She sat him up on her arms

He mumbled but she wasn’t listening

His body turned cold and numb

Dead on their eyes but alive in her heart

The guards, the ambulance the police

Dogs’ bark sirens and wailing

She was in the middle of this

Handcuffed suspect number one

Released on bond but her heart was not free

He was a married and theirs was an office affair

She was there at burial sitting behind the widow

Listening to the eulogy and the dirges

Before the court she was not guilty

But on his kids’ eyes was a rage of vengeance

Guilty before the Lord

She was Guilty!

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