Although ulidecide kuenda mapema, ni ju yako mi ntahema

Uliniteach hardwork pays na sometimes blessings ziudelay

Daily miujiuliza why you had to say goodbye

The funny thing about death yuukam ka tsunami

When you least expect it.

Hell yuukam in different ways

But heaven belongs to the one who prays

Uliniteach si lazima uwe pastor

Ndo uweze kupreach

As long as upray for guidance message itareach

Ata ka hauna much to give

Shukuru God ukona enough to live

Ju after this life is over nothing material will cross over

Temptations ni ka barabara za lami kila mtu yuuzipitia

Before unijudge make sure law degree yako iko certified

Lately nimekuwa nikilose faith sometimes ata mi husahau meaning ya faith

Ju nowadays kuna so many fake churches

I wish ungekua around just to celebrate another round

Ju whenever you are najua uko proud

Ju nowadays miustand out niliachana na mambo za crowd

Ulikua na dreams mob ka nyasi

Always humble never fancy

Your loss is one of my biggest loss

Your inspiration is my biggest force

To see you again ata ocean naeza cross

Life ni short mbona uimake shorter

Live right usiishi life quarter

Achana na crime keti kwa room chora marhyme

Ulimake my life better ulifanya nifeel greater

Nafeel so empty ka saving box ya maskini

The corrupt wameanza kunona utadhani wamedungia maskinny, no integrity

Ulibeat all the tribulations from nothing to a hero

You truly started from zero

Sina much to say except ulinishow the way

Till we meet again. RIP


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