By Abi Edith 

If you distinctly competent at

Making other people detest

And you have no desire to really be that great,

If you aren’t the type of a friend to want to be nice

And lying to the world

To seem perfect will suffice.

If you like to keep a guard;

Pretend the world’s your oyster

Instead of letting go

Of this wild roller-coaster

That life is when you hold onto is

Every formed excuse,

The beauty and the glory of having nothing to lose

Take a ticket and climb aboard

The excuse express.

The captain waits,

No services as you may please

The journey has just began

Smooth is not what you will recall about it

But let’s look at the brighter side!

You can take a rest!

No more work! No hate!

No judgmental thoughts, no stares awaits!

No more thinking,

No more you, nothing really else to do

So long as you have your excuse with you.

The ticket that’s all you need

Why even bother attempting becoming a perfect 10?

Not on the board, “the excuse express.”

Where single passengers have forfeited their best

In exchange of been allowed a little rest

No longer in the running for any more than less.

So if you are the type

To always need a crisis

To make you feel important and forget you not the nicest,

Then I think this train to hell

Perfectly fits your person very well.

All you need is an excuse to tell and a ticket for the ride

Welcome aboard!

But then you not a maple neither are you a boulder.

You can move from here to where you desire

But if you stop and surrender,

To this misleading excuse express,

It runs on your energy and drains it all.

You left with none to feed the determination you once had

Sooner or later your light dims out

And by that point, I’m sorry,

But just it may be too late.

So find your passion and thrive

Before you are weak and fall succumbing,

Before you lose it all,

Before you feel the numbing,

And can’t care about your life

That’s probably only just begun.

May be try another time

Before deciding you’re done.

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