Written by Catherine Lyna

Society is a bastard.

Iliniambia money is power,

Design hadi inaeza tumika to buy our sanity.

Najua watakulipa ndio udemonstrate,

But ata wakitry ukikufa life yako hawawezi compensate.

Kitu society haikuniambia ni my life is empowered.

Not by the power others think they have over me,

But by the power I hold within me.

The power of having an independent brain.

Society is a bastard.

Iliniambia education is key.

Iliniambia exams ndio hudetermine the final say.

Design ilibidi niamke zile hours za wee,

Just to cram my notes from cover to cover because nlikuwa na exams the next day.

But kitu haikuniambia ni system ya education mattered.

But was it just so my papers feel flattered?

Zikiandikwa good grades,

Ndio zifeel priceless…

Because to date najua kunao ukiwaambia my website is @ Catherine under score Lyna,

Wao hudhani under score pia ni jina yako.


Society ilinifunza division kabla nijue unity.

But I had to reason out that division is meant to unite us

I mean, maana ya kutoka kwa tribes mingi ni so that we can appreciate the uniqueness in other cultures

Kwasababu hio uniqueness ni so awesome.

Kwa hivyo this is for those politicians wanapromote animosity in the name of tribal narratives.

This is for you who gives them the power to buy your soul, your independence

This is for those who believe that they have understood the essence of living.

Kwasababu wanaeza afford to buy all the apparatus that allow them to live.

This if for those who think like the cockerel,

That the sun rises to hear them crow.

That wanaweza summon the moon na stars.

Kwasababu wamearrive.

Kwasababu wako na power.

But who ignore the fact that mtu anaweza lala in only one bed at a time,

Sit on only one chair at a time,

Na kama tu the rest of humanity,

Their date of death is hidden from them.


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  1. Society imekosea sana pia. Haikunishow talent pays a little more if well utilized.

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