By Levyn Nevil

All strange things happen for a reason but this was something else. I was in my lone stance in the cover of my hood with music playing in my ears. Down K street before I stopped at the canteen to make my order of the night, “Lemon please,” I said giving Ken an empty bottle and a worn out fifty-shilling note. I was busy admiring the unusual shape of popcorns when someone came running and stopped abruptly beside me, panting. She smiled and wow, I dare not say more. I thought that was all till she asked me a question I haven’t answered till now. “Do you know me? Unanikumbuka?”

I was lost in thoughts though I managed to shake my head twice. She smiled again and what happened next was a blur. She didn’t give an order but took my soda and without hesitation her hand was in mine. She said teasingly dragging me in her direction,

“You are about to…”

I thought life was all about plans and patterns but this was all strange to me and it was getting wilder as the dusk turned into night. ‘Who was this lady? What did she want? Was it something I did or said?’ these were all the questions going on in my head though I gave in to the urge of my curiosity, my taste of adventure and yes my hunger for love.

I wouldn’t say I followed blindly but I was spellbound to even defend my boring plans for the night. She was all smiley like I was a lottery she was planning to win. “Do you have a name?” she asked. I was still short of words so I nodded my head. She stopped and hugged me tightly, looked deeply into my eyes and with an even broader smile she continued, “Kwani are you afraid of me? Am I intimidating you or are you shy?” I just smiled and at last my words came. “It’s none of the above, am just surprised,” I found myself saying, “It’s just…” I trailed off realizing I was speaking much than I should. We were near D2 wall and so she pushed me to the wall and this time her hand was not in mine but on my torso and she asked, “Just what?”

“Nothing,” I said and looked away. She tickled me and I couldn’t give in. She continued to tease me but my thoughts were drifting into my monologues again. “Was this how she teased her victims? Was this how she intimidated the lone guys she found? Was this her game that I needed to be part of?”

“LEVIN!” I came back to find her calling my name. “How do you know my name?” I asked much to her surprise. She now regretted her actions and pulled back locking her hands below her chest biting her lip. “Sorry, I just want to know,” I said approaching her slowly. She avoided my eyes and just stood there detached and deep into thoughts choosing her next words carefully. I saw a glitter in her eye and I realized she was crying. I tried to reach her but she cocooned herself more. “Please,” I found myself begging to know. She just looked at me her eyes bearing the pain of wounded lamb before speaking, “Am infatuated Levin, I am lost in love that has not been made real. Am drowning in a thirst, a hunger, a want and all I desire is him for myself but enough of the consummation. I thought today was different and so I approached him myself but now am hurt by a forgotten love, a mislead fantasy, a lost dream…” she spoke incoherently. I approached her and keeping my eye contact I asked, “Who is your fantasy?” she looked away and when she looked back her tears were gone and her confidence was exceeding. “It’s you…” she might have trailed off but all I remember is that I was soaked in perspiration, deep in the covers of my bed. It was all a dream.

Now I pass her on the halls and her beauty still marvels me but she doesn’t look in my direction. Today I will approach her and she will be about to know me. She will know my name. she will know my consummation…



  1. Amazing…I was hoping it was real…that dream part is just too much of a cliché though this is really good

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