By Levyn Nevil

She came smiling. Running into my arms but she hid her face from me. Like she was afraid of my gaze on her or was it the versa. “How have you been Levin?” she asked incoherently and I had to shiver for the voice was not hers. “I…” I started but stopped midway. “Look at me,” I said looking down at her as I pulled away but she held on, “What are you hiding from?” I asked.

She retorted questionably,”Why are you so nice? Why are you so happy all the time?” She was avoiding my question but I let her speak. “I always come and chase you away but you are here; smiling, holding me, spoiling me and you never ask for more of the friendship that we have.”

“Should I?” I asked having pulled away from her to get a better look at her face and that’s when I noticed it. Not it but them… The dry tears. “What’s wrong dear?” I asked wanting to touch her but she recoiled away. “Let me finish Levin, you are always hiding away your feelings and living in a void of a deep soul. Never getting jealous of my male friends, never asking the questions that you keep locked in or saying the things that I want to hear but today I’ll ask you…”

She stopped to catch her breath and create the suspense but my face was cam, expecting nothing. “Levin,” she continued, “What do you want from me?” I smiled, looked past her and reached out to her and this time she didn’t hold back. “I want,” I said teasingly, “to know the source of your dry tears?

(To be continued)


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