Written By The Alpha John Jeff 

I hate waking up to a frosty smell in the room, and this, this was a typical day, when I would wake up to such malodorous stenches in my small room: 525. The room was famed for having demons, string demons that could convert an individual from saint to an utter promiscuous individual. It was a normal Saturday morning, and I could not remember of the previous night. So I just decided to tuck myself in bed once again to ensure that I could sleep the cold morning off once again.

I noticed a body inside of the duvet when I turned. Pulled it slightly and looked at the structure that lay next to me. A beautiful lady, stark naked and sleeping very peacefully and seemingly tired from an activity last night. Just as I turned to sleep while facing the wall, in a celebratory mood, I touched on something very cold. I reached out with my hand and pulled out something elastic, not something I had memory of using, or even having in my room. A used condom, so used that it was in a similar state of use with Gataka town center’s road (The condom was lifeless, consumed to the brim). Funny enough, I smiled at the condom and said in my mind how its life hang in balance, just finding its way to the dust bin and it would have accomplished its purpose. See you in another lifetime condom, I said as I threw it under the bed, to later on dispose it after the unnamed party had left my bed.

As I made to tuck peacefully under the duvet, she moved, I froze. I had nothing in mind to tell her, well, she had been my crush for the semester. My second semester in campus, where I had the knowledge of everything around the school and the tag “fresha” had been passed onto the January intakes.

I could no longer take it, my morning breath and all the lack of clear memory. No one else was in the room. My roommate had gone to see his girl in Bomas, I did not know exactly where, since the only Bomas I knew was Bomas of Kenya. I decided to calm for some time, turned to her, moved her to my chest, and faced the open space, so my breath would not stink the sleep out of her.

“Is that how you wake up, so violently, like you are being chased in your dream,” I initiated a conversation to wade off the point that I am evading the weird feeling of finding her on my bed.

“Ha-Ha, sasa nani anifukuze na venye nimechoka, I will just surrender and let him catch me.” Replied she, in a very low voice, full of confidence and security in me. This bit made me more confident, too confident that I felt chills down my spine and in no moment, I had a morning erection.

“Oh-God, I did not intend for that to happen, am sorry,” I cheekily apologized waiting for her to give me an account of the previous night. I was drunk on legend, a drink that was accommodative to my campus pocket, or at least the last thing I remember drinking.

She ensconced herself in a more comfortable position, I had her giggle a bit and that raised my many pride a hundred levels higher. Then she retorted to the previous position, looked into my eyes and said in a smiley mode “Yes, I know you do not intend for that to happen, the same way you just happened to have a crush on me without any reason.”

Now this was the point where I could not carry forward, I felt my legs heavier than usual, I became paralyzed, licked my lips and held her tightly, with the intention of her getting my base from my chest. Well played, I smiled and said a simple “wow” and just like that everything changed to a laughter, where she began talking about everything.

Well, her name is Sally, a lady with a soft skin, soft spoken and occasionally a flirt, to others, since I never had the guts to flirt with her. But I never knew how we ended up together, that was an important part of my memory that kept skipping every little I tried to retrieve it. I had to ask her that. But what could she think of now that I was a forgetful bastard. I could never begin on this note, I needed a clue on how we started out in the party, which was in D211. She looked at me and made to begin a conversation.

“I have come to understand why your friends call you powerhouse. I have now known that is something within you, ama ni ujaluotu?” She told me, seemingly more comfortable, and less shy than the very first time she talked to me.

“I do not remember what exactly you are talking about,” I tried killing the story, while I really had no account of that part of me after taking some random shots in the 21 aside game at the bash, and the truth and dare of course.

“Well, Mr. Powerhouse, you were all energetic yesterday at the bash, you carried me all through the bash, after the truth and dare escapade. I never knew you could lift me with one hand, how are you so slender, with a six pack and can lift a thick lady with one hand,” She said looking at me.

“Well…..” just as I tried to reply, she shut me up and continued with her story, visibly fascinated by whatever had transpired.

“You went on a spree of telling me about how you have always had a crush on me ever since the fresha’s orientation when you spotlighted me from the crowd of naïve freshas.” This was getting out of hand, I could not do that, where, when, why and how was that amount of courageous deed coming from within me.

“I know you think you told me all those at the bash, but no, you carried me all the way to old CRCC and began telling me how much of a poet you are, how I should call you papi, and you had me in your arms the entire time. I must admit you took me by surprise, since I also kinda liked you,” Now I poked her and laughed out loudly to make her talk more. You know these ladies are banks of information you just have to get it out of her.

“hahaha, ati you kinda what?”

“Yes I kind of liked you, like I really reallyreallyreallyreally liked you ever since I saw you and I love your accent, plus stature.”

I decided to tease her, lifted her up, sat her on my chest and looked into her eyes, “Well, babygirl, you know I also cherish you, so just say the truth about how heads over heels in love with me you were and you are and you will be,”

Well, that is a chronicle of how I began my campus situation ship, something that in the later stories will be unfolded and the complexities of dating within the campus, for two love birds staying in hostels and get to meet new people every day. The Alpha is back, ready yourself for exciting stories.


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