Written by Mariah Karimi

I don’t like advice but then again, I don’t dismiss it. A part of my brain always registers I might need it somewhere in life and actually that works out and plus I always love to analyze people and see who would be a good advisor in a time that I may badly need someone’s opinion.

I recall I was in a place, a while back, where I was so uncomfortable because everyone seemed to be knowing each other and I just didn’t know anyone. It was really irritating. It made me regret and wonder why I was even there in the first place.

And then out of nowhere came a mood saver, I’ll call him a Good Samaritan, who engaged me in a conversation, making me feel a bit comfortable. Well, he talked a lot but I kept telling myself that it was worth it. It’s out of that conversation that he brought up the story of a lion. I know you are trying to think what kind of story that was. I was also wondering the same thing.

“You’ve watched any wild animals program? Probably the Nat Geo? Have you been keen enough to watch how a lion sorts its preys and how it pursues them? Probably not. A lion is so determined. When it sees a prey, it’ll pursue it and its whole focus will be on it no matter how many distractions. It never gives up. Once it captures the prey, it enjoys the hot blood and the soft tissue of the animal, then leaves it.

Then you’ll find an animal like say, a leopard, feeding on the best remaining part of the animal and later leaves it there. By the time the leopard feeds on it, the prey is nothing but carcasses.

Then there are the vultures who feed on the carcasses and leaves the rest for the hyena.’ At this time I was wondering where all that was leading to. But he was kind enough to summarize.

“At times our lives are just like the lives of the prey. We have different stages where there are different predators. Sometimes we are too weak and we are overcome and seized by our predators. We give up and succumb to different issues. We fall easily for anything that tries to give us consolation. The leopard comes and takes over from where the lion left off. We are left being nothing but dry bones and at this point we feel nothing really matters and anything or anyone is worth saving the day. We are too devastated and frustrated but we don’t want to admit it. We think we’ve had enough experience to be able to handle ourselves. Yes, we had the experience but we never learnt from it. The vultures and hyenas leave us devastated and giving up.

But despite all that, there’s hope to regenerate. By having faith and being strong enough to pick up ourselves.” He added “Jesus died on the cross to save us no matter how much big our sins are and he did this out of love and if you put your trust in him then everything will be well.”

Yeah, the life of a lion.



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