Written by Joan Muchoki.

You study in Karen and you will probably never own a mansion or even get to drive. I know it sucks!! You pay 300 shillings for your clothes to be washed yet you will probably end up washing them yourself after school, i.e when you start earning and you realize the economy is not that good and inflation rates are crazy, and 300 bob is just a lot to waste.

You date for 4 years on campus and you end up breaking up on graduation day, what a waste!!I did not say don’t date, actually according to “my statistics” 40% end up getting married. You can be lucky enough to be in that docket, everyone is ambitious anyway…

You study for 6 years on campus and you end up opening your kiosk next to your father’s compound. This is when you actually take God on a date at a table for two and you start asking him questions.

When you are always the good one but you always get into trouble, or you’re the one who struggles the most and gets the most misfortunes always like “why me?” You read too hard but still get refers….well Gods time is the best time, at least that’s what my mama taught me.

You study Analytical chemistry and end up being a chemistry teacher in a local school, simply because the job market is highly competitive, and you are wondering why you studied anyway, you could have looked for the job right after high school since had a straight A in CHEM.Or at least they could have offered you a job as the lab technician, it would actually make a little sense.

I feel some people just need some special recognition, for example, President Uhuru’s nanny, who ever thought she was raising the fourth president of our nation. All the men and women behind the steering wheel of the wailing ambulances toiling every single day, driving at crazy speeds to save lives. Former president Moi’s chef, what does that guy eat? Soon he is going to hit 100 years, wish him all the best.PLO Lumumba’s grammar teacher, I wonder what school he was? And many other unrecognized people because in their own little way they brought greatness.

You thought you had the best voice, get into the studio, record an album, pay millions for the video shooting but end up with no sales, simply because Kenyans don’t like your look, at least you could have talked to a marketing consultant right, in the beginning, ouch! that hurts.

You are the same class with the daughter of the Cabinet Secretary, you both graduate with the same honors but you end up tarmacking for 3 years when each year she receives a promotion so most probably she ends up being your boss. The Sad reality right? You end up waiting for her to be the boss to receive the favour.

Its campaign period and the political heat is rising and this is where I say “money talks volumes”. Kenyans actually concentrate on the pockets, and it’s difficult to change their perspectives. Sad reality is when you use the little and only investment you have and end up with 3 votes; yours and your mum and dad for believing in their kid. This is when you realize your siblings thought you were a joke and your extended family got something to laugh about whenever they meet for “get together”.

Sad reality, but we have to take it as it is because of its “LIFE”, its full of disappointments, negativity, battles, risks,failures,sadness,hate,etc but what is important is that we should not give up, whatever the outcome of a certain situation is.The truth is God has different plans for all of us and we cannot all end up at the same level, he is not unfair all he wants is for us to take every step with a lot of courage, hope, and faith.

It still remains to be a “SAD REALITY”, but anyway SUCH IS LIFE.


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