By Levyn Neviln

Never saw myself being luck around her,

luck had nothing to do with it,

it was more of a reassurance,

she will beside me no matter where I go.


Wasn’t afraid,

that for once I might get over my rules,

make the unexpected happen,

No! I was afraid if I was to be the unexpected.

The unwanted.


She was a smiley lady,

dare not say I knew her ,

heard to read.

Always ended up stuttering around her,

my tongue ,playing game on me.


If only she knew but she didnt.

Not that I didn’t want her too,

wasn’t ready for that, she was the perfect part of me

that I didn’t need

my own perception, I was the vice versa.

The unwanted company.


She had many friends,

Many shoulders to cry on,

yet she choose mine.

She had a whole schedule to keep

yet we always found time to see each other.

Had time to tease, talk and laugh,

Of it all but still I felt broken,

that I would never see, She would never see

See that behind this veil of friendship,

I was the unwanted company.


A friend of many.

An ally among them all.

I, just a link

A long one to the abnormal world, Scratch that

The unique world.

She looked into my eyes ,

searching for that sentimental me

to come out ,Chasing the introvert me

To make a way for her adventurous life.

In all that she still couldn’t change me

I saw it , just Maybe I saw a glimpse.

That I was…


The unwanted company.


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