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The phrase,’Nimesota sana’ is common among comrades especially a month after the HELB cash has been released.This is because as we all know,money is never enough and we ought to find ways of making more of it in order to sustain our stay in campus.Some people who are of age also feel embarrassed asking for money from their parents for upkeep.If you are part of the list,then you might consider starting something to supplement your pocket money.Here is a compilation of some ideas to try out.



This is one of the most common businesses that you will find around hostels.In this field,you won’t have to worry about clients since students are always having assignments,projects,cats that have to be typed,printed and photocopying of notes.It requires a lot of sacrifice in terms of time and privacy especially if you are doing it in your room.The returns are quite good but you will have to find a way to beat your competitors and fend off the risk of buying substandard equipment that will be costly to maintain.


Many campus students are making good cash through online writing.This area has the potential to give you good returns especially if you are a hardworker  and possess a good command of English.It only requires a laptop/computer and internet connection and you are good to go.Sometimes you will have to forego going out for partying with friends during weekends especially during the high peak seasons when there is a lot of work.



This business happens to be the most sought venture around towns around the country probably because of the profit margins gained but underrated by the masses.Assuming you buy eggs at a wholesale price of shillings 10 per egg and sell at shillings 20,you make a net profit of 8 shillings per egg.On the other hand,smokies are sold at a wholesale price of shillings 19 per piece and one retails for 25 shillings thus making a net profit of 4 shillings per piece on account of expenditure costs of supplements such as kachumbari .The advantage with this venture is you don’t have to be a culinary art expert to begin as it requires basic skills.



Second-hand clothes/shoes(Mitumba) have a high demand in many universities as well as the general public.You can start this business with as little as ksh5,000 and go shop for ‘camera'(new-looking) clothes/shoes in markets such as Gikomba and add value by washing and ironing them to look more appealing.This business actually can generate double the invested cash if well managed.




Majority of the comrades have smartphones, tablets and computers that require maintenance and repair.If you happen to be a guru in this field you can make some good cash.Students also frequently buy sim cards,memory cards,flash disks,hard disks,stickers,modems,phone covers,chargers and earphones thus this area is pretty wide.You may need to part with large amounts of cash in order to start this business.




Blogging in Kenya has become huge.There are many different blogs out there that address various issues.The markets potential is not yet fully exploited and there are a lot of opportunities out there.You can start blogging with a topic of your choice or which you are passionate about such as fashion,photography,business,sports or even creative writing.If your blog becomes popular, there are over 100 ways of monetizing the blog.



Numbers don’t lie.In this area,you only require a huge social media following and a fan base to attract companies and organizations.Your job is to manage their social media accounts and push brands such as politicians,products,musicians,events and let them known to the public through social media sites such twitter,facebook,Instagram,Snapchat,WhatsApp etc.


This one requires a person who has confidence in addressing the masses,eloquence and authenticity in presentations.If you are good in academics,you can offer coaching classes to other students at a small fee.On the other hand,if you have a passion for public speaking you can organize seminars and meetings as many students are always seeking inspiration and guidance in their career paths.



Photography is a huge industry in the country.It requires a good camera and you can always google some skills before you start.There are lots of activities such as high profile birthday parties,high school reunions,minor official university events that need this service.It is also fun while at it as it involves interaction with lots of persons so if you are the outgoing person you will definitely enjoy the job while being in charge of those special memories.



Who doesn’t love popcorns whilst watching a movie or out there in the field? The popcorn business is lucrative especially if you identify an area that has good student traffic and station yourself there.You only need the popcorn machine and power.With such an establishment,slowly you can introduce other snacks such as bhajia,kebab,chips and crisps.


In this field,you require some specialized skills such as web design,graphic design,content marketing,search engine optimization,music and video production etc.You can charge a premium for the services at a student-friendly price and rake in some cash.This area has a large potential especially after online platforms such as Kuhustle and Fivesok provide an opportunity to market your skills to attract potential clients.


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