By David Mwachofi

We be living life, like we live twice.

We be winning thrice, like we the only that’s nice.

We aint got no type, like Cooperative never lie.

We don’t care if you cry, you look into our eyes.

We pushed you to the edge, we remember all our friends who are dead.

We left you the stage, we know its past our age.

We slaying till you dry, we comrades never die.

We wanna take it slow, we don’t like what you like.

We are still ahead, we don’t wanna be the heads.

We be serving what you throw, like all I did was to slice.

We like what we like, like all we like is liked.

We be changing the lights, like we never checklist.

We partying all nights, you better take our side.

We having straight minds, we had no better choice.

We no fight with our hands, you better check your lines.

We be checking our sounds, we have better voice.

We be living high, like we never checked the price.

The Cooperative University of Kenya be mine.

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